The iconic rock music veteran, Zakk Wylde had a new interview with Total Guitar Magazine and revealed the song he could not be capable of learning on guitar.

Zakk Wylde also stated that Allan Holdsworth was one of the impossible to catch musicians he’s ever met.

Here is what Zakk told to Total Guitar:

“He’s number one for ‘impossible’ stuff. Allan’s solos were in a language all of their own. Even when you are watching a video of him doing it, what you hear remains unbelievable and mind-boggling.

It doesn’t even matter which song you pick, they’re all completely alien to the rest of us guitar players, but I guess the first album I had was I.O.U. so it would’ve been songs like ‘Letters of Marque’ that terrified me!”

He continued by telling the exact name of the riff he wishes to write:

“There are so many songs with memorable riffs that you wish you could have written for the publishing alone! [Laughs] I guess ‘Smoke on the Water’ is the one universal riff that we all know.

I would use the royalties to buy more razors so I can shave my legs. That way I won’t need to spend as much on fishnets and garters while I’m out partying. I really blast through those things and end up with quite the bill.”

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