Guitarist Zakk Wylde recently made an appearance on The Wikimetal Happy Hour for an interview. During the conversation, he claimed that nobody would want to act like Gene Simmons.

Zakk Wylde is a talented guitarist and singer-songwriter known as the former lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. Later on, Wylde founded Black Label Society in 1988 and released ten studio albums with the band. Black Label Society is still making music today, and they are planning to release their eleventh studio album titled ‘Doom Crew Inc.,’ on November 26, 2021.

In a recent interview by The Wikimetal, Zakk Wylde talked about Black Label Society’s upcoming album. The interviewer told the guitarist that he shares many solos with Dario Lorina in the album, and he is a generous musician and shares the spotlight with his bandmates. The interviewer then asked him whether his ego gets in the way of this.

Wylde responded by saying it doesn’t, and he wants to move Dario Lorina to lead vocals and guitar to get another guitar player in the band. He then jokingly said he plans to manage the band, steal all their rights, and take their money while sitting at home. After saying these, the guitarist stated he will change his name to Dr. Evil.

Following that, the interviewer told him he would change his name to Gene Simmons. Wyde then claimed nobody wouldn’t want to be like Simmons because he is too smart and educated, and if he went by Gene, everyone would know what he’s up to.

The interviewer asked Zakk Wylde:

“You’re a really humble man and you have the right attitude, and on this album, you share so many solos with Dario Lorina, and it seems like you’re a generous man to share the stage with so many people and give the spotlight to your bandmates. Is it difficult for the ego not to get in the way of this?”

Wylde responded:

“Not at all. The whole thing is – this is all by design because what I want to do is eventually move Dario over to lead vocals and guitar, and get another guitar player.

I kick myself out of the band, and then I manage the band, and I steal all their publishing, I steal all their merch rights, and I steal everything, and I take a massive percentage of their touring money, and I just put them out on the road and make all the money while I sit at home.

Then I’m going to change my name to Dr. Evil, so that’s the game.”

The interviewer then said:

Or maybe to Gene Simmons!

Zakk Wylde then told him:

“You’re terrible! Then the band will know they’re getting ripped off!

You don’t want to be like uncle Gene because uncle Gene’s too educated, he’s too smart, so you can’t rip them off. You don’t want to act like uncle Gene, you don’t want to be too smart.”

Below, you can check out the full interview.