Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde spoke to Classic Rock and revealed the strategic plans he came up with to form the band Zakk Sabbath while not breaking any contact.

The founder of Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde, is a guitarist and a singer-songwriter who also works in Ozzy Osbourne’s band as the lead guitarist. Wylde replaced Randy Rhoads and has contributed to Osbourne’s several albums. He has played with Osbourne for nearly 35 years and formed the band Zakk Sabbath as a tribute to Black Sabbath.

On September 3, 2015, Black Sabbath embarked on their final tour named ‘The End,’ which spanned from January 2016 to February 2017. After the tour, the metal legends disbanded, and they signed contracts that they will never tour again. However, according to Wylde, he had a plan.

In the interview on Classic Rock, Zakk Wylde talked about the plan he had in mind while forming Zakk Sabbath. He said that due to the contracts Black Sabbath made, they could never tour again. So, his plan was to involve the original Black Sabbath members Ozzy, Geezer, Tony, and Bill in Zakk Sabbath. Wylde then argued that, in this way, they would not be breaking any contract and could tour again.

Zakk Wylde revealed his genius plan to Classic Rock, saying:

“Contractually, the original Black Sabbath can never tour again. So we have this long-term plan for Zakk Sabbath. Firstly we get Ozz involved and call it Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy. Then Geezer comes in, and it’s Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy And Geezer. Thirdly we get Tony in and have Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy, Geezer, And Tony Iommi.

Finally, Bill comes on board and you have Zakk Sabbath Featuring The Original Members Of Black Sabbath! Nobody can claim it’s breaking any contract, because this is Zakk Sabbath, not Black Sabbath. That way, if those guys run short of money, here’s a clever way they can play together again live. Genius, right?

Zakk Sabbath is currently active and touring. In 2020, the band released their second album ‘Vertigo.’ Moreover, on February 14, 2022, Zakk Sabbath will be on the stage for Rock Legends Cruise IX at Fort Lauderdale in Florida.