Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society’s lead guitarist, Zakk Wylde, talked about the Prince of Darkness’ health status during a recent appearance on Let There Be Talk.

One of the greatest singers of all time, Ozzy Osbourne, has been struggling with various health problems for the past few years. Right now, he is experiencing back and neck pains following his accidental fall in 2019. Besides that, the legendary singer announced that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in the same year.

Even though Ozzy has been dealing with many physical problems, it didn’t prevent him from releasing a new record last year, ‘Ordinary Man.’ Also, he has scheduled his ‘No More Tour 2’ farewell tour for January 2022, starting in Europe.

Even though he just released a new record and his tour dates have been announced, the community has been wondering whether Ozzy’s health will allow the musician to perform and tour.

In the conversation, Zakk revealed Ozzy has been going through therapy for a while and working out to get back to his old shape. In this way, he assured that the tour will take place.  Furthermore, the guitarist mentioned that they had been having a great time with Ozzy before he got hurt and said the Prince of Darkness a blast until he messed himself up.

Zakk Wylde on the upcoming Ozzy Osbourne tour:

“The dates are still up there and everything and Oz is still doing all his therapy and working out to get his bench, his squat, and his deadlift numbers back up to the weight, his world-class record numbers, to get him back on the lifting platform again so he can shatter all his previous records.

We were having a great time on the tour until he got hurt. The last gig we did was New Year’s Eve at The Forum with Rob Zombie, and we had all these bands.

It was like Ozzfest – Zakk Sabbath played on it in the afternoon in the parking lot, and then I and Blasko got up there with the boss at the end of the day.

Maybe we’ll do this every year, whether we do it in L.A., maybe we’ll do it in Seattle next year, do it in Dallas, or whatever – the parking lot and then the big gig at the end of the night. Oz was having a blast until he messed himself up.”

You can listen to the full conversation below.