Zakk Wylde spoke in an interview with Nikki Sixx and explained his thoughts about audience quality of MTV.

Zakk Wylde said:

But the whole thing is… If we were MTV and we put a reality show on it and the ratings are higher for the reality show… Sorry, we’re putting on what people want to watch.

If you wanted to watch music videos the ratings would be higher. What I’m saying is… We’re all musicians, you would hope that people want to tune in to see the music. But if the people are tuning in and we ran MTV it’s like ‘Oh my gosh, look how much higher the ratings are when we put the TV show on.’ And you’re like ‘Well, the people have spoken, I guess they want more of that.

If people want to see more reality shows or if people want to hear more rock songs at the time… When rock ‘n’ roll was coming out you had big band and everything like that, then all of the sudden we started playing rock radios, and all of the sudden all the kids are watching.

The rating comes up when Elvis is on, and Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chuck Berry, then that’s what we’re going to go with.

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