After the lyric video release of their second single ‘IOU’ from their upcoming album ‘Afterlife,’ Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory talked about the album’s sound and stated that this album is more diverse than the previous releases.

Five Finger Death Punch, formed in 2005, is continuing to extend its discography. In their 15-year career in heavy metal, they released eight studio albums in total. The band is now getting ready for the release of their ninth album ‘Afterlife.’ The new release will occur in August, but the band is starting to give an idea of what the fans should expect with the singles.

The band had released the title track ‘Afterlife’ on April 12 and a second single, ‘IOU’ a month later. They also announced a U.S tour with Megadeth, The Hu, and Fire from the Gods that is set to start after the release of the ‘Afterlife’ album.

Recently, the band’s rhythm guitarist talked about ‘Afterlife’ and enlightened fans about what to expect in terms of sound. He stated that his band now has an established sound and a fanbase for certain, but this record is more of exploring something new. They took musical adventures and created a more diverse album than the previous ones. The whole album feels like a concept album because they made sure to focus on the full picture.

Here is what Zoltan Bathory said about ‘Afterlife’:

“It is our ninth album so, at this point, we have legions of loyal fans, and our signature sound is more than established. It became its own island, our ground zero we operate from, and we can always come back to. So when we started this record, there was an excitement of impending musical adventures, we knew we could step away as far as we wanted to, and there was a freedom of truly ‘anything goes.’

This resulted in an album that is way more diverse than our previous ones, while it feels more unified because there is a framework of overarching stories in Ivan’s lyrics and interconnecting musical motifs between songs. It was not planned as a concept album, but we were so hyper-focused on painting a complete picture, that it somehow feels like one. We are very proud of it and are just as impatient as the fans waiting for the release, can’t wait to share it.”

You can listen to the latest single below.