ZZ Top guitarist Billy F Gibbons was recently interviewed by ‘The Eddie Trunk Podcast’ alongside Chris Robinson and talked about his upcoming solo project as well as what is coming up for ZZ Top fans.

Houston-based rock band ZZ Top released their latest studio album ‘La Futura‘ which features ten unique tracks including two additional songs for Best Buy Edition in 2012 and the band keep its silence since that day.

In the interview with Eddie Trunk, Gibbons was asked what’s latest on the ZZ Top front and what fans can expect from the future. According to ZZ Top guitarist, they will be preparing a new roadshow soon and they are planning to be hitting touring before the summer is over.

Here is what ZZ Top star said:

“Oh yeah, and as you point out the mysteries, what descended to the unsuspecting planet has really stirred up the interest to get back, being able to kick your heels up.

It’s all about having a good time, and our aim has not changed, it’s still there.”

In the same conversation, Gibbons was asked if he had any relationship with Eddie Van Halen and what was his first reaction after he first heard him play. Billy stated that right after he was able to catch Van Halen’s live show, his music blew his mind. He also admitted that he misses Eddie dearly.